The story of Prisoner John, a no-good criminal that escapes from jail once more and vows revenge on Sheriff Bill, who's always one step ahead of him ready to foil his plans. But this time, Prisoner John has learned his lesson and he's taking out the big guns: time traveling, pirates, and an angry little monkey!

Featuring the voice talents of George Bekiaris and the musical compositions of Yussef Rahmani, this short was created entirely with LEGO building blocks and spiffy state-of-the-art digital effects.


The first segment of a two-part story that was supposed to be the last Prisoner John adventure we made. But, it looked really good and we have a like a million more ideas, so I doubt this will be the end of the series. For added fun, try to find the secret sex scene!

Technical Information

Type: Stop-motion animation
Format: MiniDV
Length: 9m12s
Year: 2004
Country: Canada


28 Oct 2004 - Festival Spasm